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IMMODESTY: SATAN'S VIRTUE is fast becoming one of the most comprehensive resources on modesty today! With summer just around the corner, there is no better time than to do your friends and families a favor by getting them a copy of this most needed book today. Our Lady of Fatima pleaded with us for modesty in 1917, how long will it take us to heed her call? Souls are at stake, she said, everyday more souls fall to hell from sins of impurity than any other sin. Letters, calls, and emails from so many have told us how much they needed this book. Readers call this the most profound, yet profesionally written book on the market, with the ability to reach through even teenagers! Do what Our Lady requested to inspire your children to the virtue of modesty and safeguard their purity as well.

PART ONE: What Does the Church have to say?, A Conspiracy, Really?, Nakedness and the Purpose of Clothing, The Disappearance of True Womanhood and Modesty, Church Attire, Modesty, What else does it Include?, Headcoverings?, Modesty is for Men too!

PART TWO: Questions, Concerns and Practical Tips, Sewing, Temperatures, How to work, play and live in your dresses, A League for Modesty in Dress. A must for every Catholic interested in seeing this issue straight one!

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