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Reviews: What Others are Saying about Immodesty: Satan's Virtue:


Thanks so much for writing the book Immodesty, I read it all and after a few pages felt bad wearing pants. I never wore '2 piece' swimsuits, bellyshirts, etc. but never thought of pants being bad. I thought we'd have a hard time trying to find a good store to buy skirts, but the thrift store was a great place to find stuff! Thanks again for doing this, you just brought me and my mom closer to Heaven!

.... Thanks again!

L. R., USA
age 12 6th grade

Dear Mrs. Davidson,

I am a 16 year old Traditional Catholic girl who would like to express my feelings and thanks to you. About a year ago, I finished reading your very powerful and excellent book, "Immodesty: Satan's Virtue" and found it absolutely remarkable...after reading the first few chapters of your book, I knew instantly that my life was about to change. Your book brought up wonderful points that I was unable to refute ....It was exactly what I need(ed) to convince myself ...

..Your book has also helped me immensely in debating on this issue. I entered a debate on the modesty of women and relied on your book tremendously. The quotes you gave were very beneficial. Due to my efforts at debating through the help of your book, I have also convinced another friend of mine to make the switch, which she now proudly does.

I just wanted to write to you and thank you for your work. Your words made a difference in my life and my family's and I am quite sure there are many thousands of others, which it has touched. Thank you again and may God bless you and yours. Please continue the fantastic work! You will be rewarded....

J. P., New Hampshire, USA
Age 16 yrs....

Dear Rita,

...I was very much edified and inspired by your book....Anyway I could write pages and pages. You had so many thoughts and inspirations that I had never thought of. Even though I am already a 'convert' I got so much out of it - it was a real 'booster shot'. ....

Well I know the Holy Ghost is with you because your book is filled with so many holy insights! I need to reread it.

...Well, thank you again for having the grace and courage to write the book. It needed saying. I am sure God is blessing you through it. You are doing a wonderful work. And you are so right!

Mrs. N.H...USA
(taken from a 4 page letter) mother..

Dear Mrs. Davidson,


Thank you for the copy of your book. Well done! It proceeds from a woman's heart, in defence of true womanhood. I hope it will circulate, and do much good to defend that priceless treasure, true womanliness as taught and protected by Mother Church. God bless you.

His Excellency Bishop Richard Williamson

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Launched in honor of the +Dedication of St. Michael the Archangel+ on September 29th, 2005.

Copyright©1999-2006 Little Flowers Family Apostolates.
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