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*Holy Motherhood & Character Formation*
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CHRIST IN THE HOME by Rev. Raoul Plus, S.J., a classic volume for Catholic families dealing with everyday living and growing in the faith. Advice for the newly married, training children, and so much more.  This brand new book we got in was well liked by families, read what one family had to say:

*I started reading Fr. Plus' book last night and it is wonderful. I am learning so much from the few pages that I read, it is truly edifying...I told my husband that this is it, this book is a must read for us. We have so much to learn and so much to teach our children.*

This is a handbook on every topic you can think of with over 300+ pages!. Get this much needed book for your family!! $27.95

LFFA MOTHER'S ROSARY ('Stairway to Heaven')

Exclusively from LFFA and perfect for mom! Blue beaded in honor of Our Lady. Designed so that you will never loose your place no matter how quickly you have to let it go. You are bound to accomplish 15 decades per day this way or at least try for 5!! Sturdy and smooth so that even baby can play with it! Beautiful Tradional Crucifix and glow in the dark beads now will help you spot it anywhere! If you want a sure way to help you say your daily rosary. THIS IS IT! LFFA $12.95

Kitchen MadonnaNEW! KITCHEN MADONNA fris a welcome statue for a weary moms kitchen. How many of us are so tired we can barely lift another dish? This cute statue of Our Lady will help inspire us in those exhausting moments and days when we can't seem to find all the energy we wish we had for all that needs to be done. Full color. 8" plaster. $24.95

Kitchen Madonna
Qty: Price: $24.95




HolinessHousewifeNEW! HOLINESS for HOUSEWIVES is a classic that has been around a long time. With wisdom for mothers who are always in need of some advice to perservere and increase in wisdom admist the dust and diapers. A quick easy read to get you through each day. $14.95

Holiness for Housewives
Qty: Price: $14.95



Originally from '59, this is an amazing inspiration to all mothers to aspire them towards perfection amidst the dirt and above the depression! You won't regret it! This has become one of my favorites throughout the years for the insight and practical humor this can bring after a hard day. $22.95.

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