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*Holy Motherhood & Character Formation*
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This booklet will fill you in so well on what it means to be a Catholic today. Originally written in 1956 and it means just as much today as the day it was printed. $3.00 .

NEW! YOUTH GUIDANCE By Rev. Daniel Lord! A refreshing look at youth for parents to help guide them in areas of faith crisis’, sin, purity and courtship. Timeless advice from this well-known and loved author.
A simple yet commonsense guide for anyone that leads or guides young people, that we might show them a faith to make their own. 170+pgs Imprimatur. LFFP $14.95 New from Little Flowers Family Press - Starts Shipping March 2007

Youth Guidance
Qty: Price: $14.95

WATCH YOUR MANNERS: Guidance & Good Manners for Catholic Youth

Guidance & Good Manners for Catholic Youth is self-explanatory and a must today! Parents & youth will benefit from these lessons. Now only $6.50!!


By Rudolf Allers, M.D.   This book will give you the answers to the many questions you have about your children, soon to be adults! Time-tested advice from 1940 with imprimatur as well. You will not go wrong with this book and if you have any children nearing ten I suggest you get it straight away!! 178p. Hardcover..$32.95.


This is a best-selling chart that is designed to help you be more consistent in your discipline. Large 16 x 22" will really help you get your house in order! $8.95.

If Then Chart
Qty: Price: $8.95


Virtue BookNEW! A TRAINING IN VIRTUE WORKBOOK/CALENDAR by LFFP This is a unique and rare book adapted from a book from 1945. This workbook/calendar format is made to make notations in each week/day. Each month a different virtue is battled with daily aspirations, so with each passing day and month a victory is made over your vices!
Adaptable so the entire family can work on a virtue at the same time, this book covers 14 virtues in just over a year’s time.
This is a spiritual weapon like no other, to unite ourselves to love God and all good things. It gives us the tools we need to grow in grace and thereby gain heaven. A logical way to work out your salvation! Great for the whole family or buy one for each one to personally work on a virtue of their choosing! Not to be missed for those seriously looking towards perfection spiritually! Imprimatur. LFFP $13.95

Qty: Price: $13.95

Sacred Heart Eudes BookNEW! THE SACRED HEART OF JESUS by St. John Eudes Like Saint John the Apostle, Saint John Eudes had the privilege of what could be nothing less than direct intimate access to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. One can only conclude after reading this book on the Sacred Heart that here was more a seraph than a man, driven by the Holy Spirit to cast the fire of the Savior’s love upon this earth with the pen of a scrivener lost in divine abandon. Surely, our Lord gave the key to the treasure house of His Heart to John Eudes. This book opens that treasure to the one with holy desires. Softcover $22.95

Sacred Heart of Jesus
Qty: Price: $22.95


admirable Heart of MaryNEW! ADMIRABLE HEART OF MARY by St. John Eudes The Admirable Heart of Mary was given to us from the Cross by Our Lord. Truly this heart was the first-fruit of His Passion, given to all of Mary’s children, that it might be honored, cherished, invoked and, ultimately, with that of her Son, reproduced in them. This is the essence of the spirituality of Saint John Eudes. St. John Eudes was filled with fervor and wisdom and shares in this book the great heart of Mary to us all. Hardcover 32.95

Admirable Heart of Mary
Qty: Price: $32.95


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