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a docudrama on St. Maria Goretti, a Martyr of Purity and Patron of Youth!

This Docu-drama is now available to help those hoping to instill the dangers of immodesty, impurity in their children. Part documentary about St. Maria Goretti and where she lived and grew up, with lots of rare footage of her village and home, interspersed with drama of St. Maria Goretti and her interactions with her family and the dreadful day of her battle for purity with Allesandro.

Produced exclusively by Little Flowers Family Apostolates with the permission of the producers, this is a perfect movie to show to a youth gathering, or a family setting. (We do recommend at least showing it to all boys, or all girls and not a mixed audience due to the sensitive nature.)

It is also highly recommended that families pre-view the movie first, to be sure the content is suitable for their particular family. While some families might find the content too explicit for their children, there are many families living in cities where they're children are exposed to many dangers. This kind of movie is ideal for them to instill the needed understanding of purity for living in a impure world. LFFA

30 min. VHS $19.95

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