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ChatPurityNEW! A CHAT with FATHER ABOUT PURITY by Rev. Daniel Lord A excellent talk by “Father Hall” to two sibling teens about purity. A fictional story of a conversation appealing to many youths that are struggling with purity, or entering that age. A no-nonsense look at what is right and wrong and a must for any teens ages 14 and up. Imprimatur. LFFA $9.95


A Chat With Father on Purity
Qty: Price: $9.95



ViceImpurityNEW! THE VICE OF IMPURITY; a Sermon from 1740A.D. by Rev. Hunolt - a sobering look at the sin of impurity and how impossible it is to break free from it. Excellent for parents to understand the gravity of this as well as older teens that should be made aware of the dangers. Imprimatur. LFFA $4.95




Vice of Impurity
Qty: Price: $4.95



10StepsNEW! TEN IMPORTANT STEPS TO MODESTY & CHASTITY is a brief outline of the ten important steps to bring us to Jesus thru Mary on our modesty journey. Important reminders on how we can always strive to do more for Our Lord. Imprimatur. LFFA $1.00




Ten Important Steps on Modesty/Chastity
Qty: Price: $1.00



ModestyPosterNEW! MODESTY POSTER for Church a lovely reprint of a modesty poster that used to adorn most Church vestibles back during a saner time, not very long ago. 8.5 x 11 LFFA $2.25





Modesty Poster for Church
Qty: Price: $2.25



ModestyCardNEW! MODESTY POSTCARDS these same cards as the Church poster(above) are smaller and make a perfect card to leave in Church pews. You could even use them to hand out to ladies (young or old) whom you just wish you never had to educate them about their immodesty. 4" x 5" LFFA $1.00ea or Pack of 24/$3.95




Modesty Postcards
Qty: Price: $1.00

Modesty Postcards BULK
Qty: Price: 24/$3.95



PledgeNEW! DECENCY PLEDGE a reprint of the famous pledge for decency that all Catholics used to take. Now here it is again ready to pass around and promote for the sake of sanity and decency in our world! Small enough to keep in your prayerbook or purse. LFFA 5/$1.00 or BULK 100/$5.00




Decency Pledge
Qty: Price: 5/$1.00


Decency Pledge BULK
Qty: Price: $5.00


Like our *LFFA Deluxe Modesty Package*, this package contains all our purity reprints important in dealing with the virtue of purity as it relates to chastity. Includes:
-How to Conquer the Most Common Sin of Impurity (Imprimatur) booklet
-Vice of Impurity (Imprimatur) booklet
-10 Important Steps to Modesty & Chastity
-Decency Pledge
PLUS: Our Lady’s League Membership Booklet
*** All for Only $10.00!! (Value $14.00!)

Qty: Price: $10.00



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