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Published each year - available each Fall.  NOW IN COLOUR beginning 2005!!

2006 Calendar Theme to be announced.  

Once again, we are pleased to be able to offer you our own LFFA calendar! NOW IN COLOUR! This Calendar is in full 11 x 17" size when opened and was well recieved last year. This year we will have a different theme but all the same great features of last years Calendar. At the time of this printing the theme had not yet been decided...

Featuring Saints from the Universal Calendar, Devotional Feast Days as well U.S. and CANADIAN FEAST DAYS! This is the first calendar, we have seen, to follow the Traditional Calendar and to have Canadian Feast Days too! Wonderful Saints like Jeanne d'Arc, Holy Martyrs of Canada , St Joseph and more, are all here!

Fast and Abstinence days are marked in grey, and room for notes each month so you can makes notes for appointments. This calendar is sure to be a blessing to your whole family the year through with it's inspirational prayers, and images.Be sure to get one for yourself and perhaps some for family as gifts this year!

To be ready November...just in time for Christmas!  $12.95

2005 Calendars after June 30th, 2005 $8.95


8x10 - great for display too!

 This card is a wonderful way to re mind us and those who visit us, of the Sacredness of marriage! .. $1.49.


8x10 - great for display too!

This card will inspire your little ones to pray to Our Lady as their sweet and ever watchful mother. What better way to honor her than with this prayer card for your wall!  $1.49.


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