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Perfect for your home altar to hold your beeswax votive. We include one in the LFFA Deluxe Home Altar Kit . Specify Blue or Red glass ..... $4.95

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A nice addition to your Home Altar is an BRASS INCENSE BURNER . Incense has been used throughout the centuries in the Latin Mass and still is. It is a nice accompaniment to family rosary time as it "sets the mood as holy". Anyone who has been to the Latin Mass will under stand the significance of this. Others could still include it since it is part of the rich deposit of Tradition. It has been a true blessing to us since being introduced to it. Highly recommended! We include one in the LFFA Deluxe Home Altar Kit! $19.95.


Here are the refills you will need when your first packet is done. We have quite a few scents on hand depending on stock.   These will come either Abbey, Maximus, Emkay or Jerusalem scents but all are our choice.. sorry. We hope this will make it more appealing for families to begin to add this to their family devotions! We include one in the LFFA Deluxe Home Altar Kit! 30g packet (1Lb Quantities are available-inquire) $4.95


COAL refills to be used in your Incense burner. The coal comes in little disks that are self  lighting and once lit you simply place it in your burner and place your incense on it. They are small and if  broken in half  can last a family nearly 200 days! We include one row in the LFFA Deluxe Home Altar Kit! Highly recommended is our booklet *How to Start a Home Altar Tradition* for further information on using this. Box of 100 for $31.00.


Has the Sacred & Immaculate Hearts, and crucifix. Gold looking plastic and traditional artwork will make this a welcome addition to your home! Beautiful! $12.95.

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