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LFFA MOTHER'S ROSARY ('Stairway to Heaven')

Exclusively from LFFA and perfect for mom! Blue beaded in honor of Our Lady. Designed so that you will never loose your place no matter how quickly you have to let it go. You are bound to accomplish 15 decades per day this way or at least try for 5!! Sturdy and smooth so that even baby can play with it! Beautiful Tradional Crucifix and glow in the dark beads now will help you spot it anywhere! If you want a sure way to help you say your daily rosary. THIS IS IT! LFFA $12.95


If you don't have one of these your missing out on alot. This is a full color Catechism in 66 chapters with the most beautiful full color and extremely detailed pages to explain each chapter. Images you can stare at so long and find something new about them. Pictures that tell a story just as good as the text does and tells so much to young and old. A picture is worth a thousand words they say, and this is a perfect example of this saying. Hardcover oversized 11 x 14" $52.95


Now back in print! From 1946 this 31 day devotion book will help you spend 31 days praying for the Holy Souls. Mass for the Dead, Stations and more. Pocket size 286 pgs. $16.95.

by Thomas a Kempis
A most wonderful treasure we found first written in 1418, yes, 1418!! We have no doubt that you will benefit from this work. Short articles in the style of Imitation of Christ by the same author, detailing with the Miseries of this World, Sighing for Eternal Life, The Consolation of Poverty and so much more! Here is an exerpt from Book II, Chapter IV(2nd paragraph):

"You can do nothing more salutary, sweeter, more joyful, more worthy, higher, happier, more perfect, or more blessed, than to love and praise God ardently. This I say one hundred times; this I repeat one thousand times-there is no study more sublime, no work more eminent, than to love and praise God, your Creator and Redeemer, with your whole heart, with your whole soul, with your whole mind, and with your entire strength. Do this so long as you live, feel, and understand; accomplish this by word and work, by night and day, at morning, noon, and evening, at every hour and at every moment. "  

Imprimatur. A balm for your soul!! 200pgs. Softcover $28.95

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