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I GO TO MASS Coloring Book Beautiful, edifying pictures and instructive text for your children to color is more than just a coloring book. Now printed on archival heavy paper, this coloring book is meant as a keepsake! Images of children at Mass, kneeling for their First Holy Communion, and a beautiful display of the Sacrifice that takes place during Mass with Our Lord on the Cross with the Priest holding the Chalice up - on the same page! Perfect as a Holy Communion gift or to inspire young boys to understanding the Mass for serving, or for any child to increase devotion and love for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass! Exquisite! Imprimatur. 24pgs  LFFA $5.95

CATHOLIC WORD GAMES a great pastime for those lazy days that come up now and again. Filled with many word games celebrating and honoring the Saints and Our Lady, it is a wonderful way to help children learn the basics of the Faith while entertaining themselves as well! Over 28 pgs! LFFA $7.95

articles that we have brought together for you to help explain the differences between good and bad music and how to get good music into your family's life. Our family really enjoyed and learned from this series when we first found it and now, years later, have children playing piano, violin and soon cello! Perfect for parents and young adults. Use it as a way to discuss this topic with them. Encourage your children towards music that will edify! Contents Include: Music and How it affects the Soul, Introduction to Good Music and How to Get it into Your Life, Music Appreciation; A Listeners Guide, A Ten Minute Introduction to Various Composers and Their Works.  Over 60 pgs! LFFA $12.95

KATERI UNIT STUDY & ACTIVITY BOOK will be a welcome introduction to Bl. Kateri for your children. Complete with a illustrated story, puzzle pages, reading comprehension questions and a craft/activity to do! A great supplement to your history program this year!14 pgs. LFFA $3.95

DELUXE FLOWER GARDENING FOR OUR LADY© first published in 1996 this has now been updated!  One of the only children's spiritual progress charts that will actually allow you to watch, encourage and improve your child's spiritual progress. Their progress easily seen on this chart, will also inspire them to greater improvement on their own. This laminated chart is made to last and last. With wipe off marker, and 150 + stickers it is a great deal considering there can be no value put on a soul! In full color and appropriate for children 5 and up. LFFA $16.95


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