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Parents, Families, Grandparents and Young Adults*

*Natural Health Care for your Soul and Your Body all for the Greater Glory of God!*

The Catholic Health Letter© Anthology was published by Little Flowers Family Apostolates from 1996 to 2003. During that time a total of 18 issues were published irregularly and sent out by subscription.

Why Should I Buy This for My Family?

If you are looking for more control of your family's health, or looking for a resource of meatless recipies, or even if you just want some meditations to help see your families health as important if it gives Glory to God, these are all just some of the reasons why people have so much enjoyed The Catholic Health Letter© .

What can I find in these issues?

These issues included such things as:

*Prayer* *Gluttony* *Crohn's Disease* *Food Combining* *Additives* *Dieting* *Fasting* *Seven Stages of Disease* *Vegetarian Saints* Secrets of Willpower* *Natural Skin Care* *Benefits of Sunlight* *Self-Denial* *Vegetarianism* *Backaches* *Headaches* *How Does Music Affect You* *Coffee & Caffiene* * Teaching Children to Fast and to Pray* *Boosting your Brain's Efficiency Naturally* *Making Pregnancy a Joy* *Weight Loss Tips and Hints* *Contagion* *Exercise* *Asthma* *Vaccinations & Immunizations* *Sound Mind in a Sound Body* *Iron: How Much is Too Much* *Dental Care* *Healthy Families Should Practice Modesty* *Water* *Temptations* *Benefits of Good Music* *Learning from the Hunza's* *Praying Fasting & Pleasing Ourselves* *Intemperance* *Home Remedies* *Food Shall be Thy Medicine* *Fast Food is Protestant* *How to Practice Self-Denial* *Gardening Made Simple* *Consideration of Our Last End* *Saving Seeds* *Maria Von Trapp on Health* *Gluttony & Fasting Special Four Issue Edition*

Along with all the above subjects covered, there were regular columns such as: Editorials and Meditations on Spiritual Health, The Liturgical Year , Meatless Recipies, Food Information Corner highlighting a particular food benefit each issue, as well as regular columns by Fr. Jerome Ledoux, articles by various Monks and Religious as well as Saints as well.

You will not find a more comprehensive and interesting look at health for your family anywhere. With the increasing costs of healthcare and the sometimes dissapointing treatment for a particular illness that leaves you searching for more answers. There just must be something beyond the standard treatments. The only newsletter of its kind that looked at the whole issue of natural health care for your family from a truly Catholic perspective while keeping in mind the more important health of the Soul. There is no New Age here!

Now, all these issues are bound in one complete volume. Each original issue is un-edited and comes to you just as it looked when the issues were first released.

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-Catholic Health Letter© Anthology-

GLUTTONY & FASTING Timeless advice from a 16th century Jesuit prist that applies today just as well as it did back then. Four sermons to educate about the sins of gluttony that many are unaware of. Edifying to hear such clear and practical advice on such a misunderstood topic. Perfect at anytime of the year! {Included in the Catholic Health Letter Anthology} LFFA $4.95


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