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40 MAXIMS THAT MADE SAINTS Perfect points to remind one of their heavenly goal! Faithful reprint with imprimatur. LFFA $1.00  

MARYLIKE ATTIRE FOR CHURCH & SACRED PLACES A set of directives given to us describing just what is appropriate for Mass and Sacred Places. Imprimatur. A must! LFFA $1.00

ROME'S DECREES ON MODESTY the decrees set down my Rome for us on modesty in 1928-1930. LFFA $1.00

'S DRESS WORN by WOMEN by Cardinal Siri a most important document given to us by Cardinal Siri proving his great understanding of the role of men and women and the damage that can be done when altered. LFFA $1.00

DAILY RULE OF LIFE a MUST for every age! As early as First Communion this can be given to inspire them to live every moment of the day for heaven! Wonderful Catholic wisdom from a time long past. Written by an Irish priest in the late 1800's. We are so thankful to have discovered this gem to share with you all! LFFA $2.00

POCKET MASS MEDITATIONS will increase your knowledge of what the Mass truly is-A Sacrifice and retracing of the steps of the Passion! Old reprint...Missal size! LFFA 2/$1.00


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