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MASS FOR THE ABSENT is the ideal companion for those not able to attend Mass and who wish to unite themselves to the most holy of Sacrifice of the Mass. LFFA 2/$1.00

THE MOST IMPORTANT PRAYER EVER! One of the most important prayers we could have made available! This prayer is the one prayer that can save your soul at the last moment if you are without a priest! Priceless! LFFA 2/$1.00

NEW! CONSIDERATIONS ON OUR LAST END  A most sobering but edifying look at the fleetingness of this life and to what we are rushing towards - eternity. Nothing could be more important for our souls than to meditate always on our last end, towards which we draw closer each day. LFFA $1.00

NEW! NEWS REPORT FROM HELL  Another look at our last end, a more humorous one though. This particular one is perfect for young adults who might like something a little more lighter but still enough to jog them out of their invincible attitude that sometimes needs re-aligning. A good read for all of us really. LFFA $1.00

NEW! A SINGLE LIFE VOCATION our latest leaflet that was a wonderful look at the single life vocation, something very rarely considered today. This shows how teenagers (or any age really) may consider this as a very viable option if God is calling them to it. LFFA $1.00


LATIN MASS ALTAR & PRIEST PAPER DOLLS  Designed by us to acquaint young boys with the life of the priesthood and serving at the altar. This unique set is to be colored while studying the liturgical colors, altar items and prayers of a server. Pre-orders are now being accepted. LFFA $14.95

NUN PAPER DOLLS This collection of Paper Dolls are designed with giving girls a glimpse into the life of a sister or nun and the various duties and orders there are. Perfect for introducing to children the religious life when no Orders of Sisters are nearby. Instructions and outfits for 8 different orders, young girls will enjoy learning about their favorite sister! Pre-Orders are now being accepted. LFFA $12.95

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