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MINI HOLY CARDS (Set of 100)

Set of 100 are 1 1/2 x 2 3/4" are great to use as incentives for school work or chores, pen pal letters 'Holy Rewards' and so much more! Assorted set of old reverent artwork will come in great use. Beautiful! Set $9.95.


This makes a unique addition to every child's room. The luminous Our Lady of Fatima light switch cover will cast a comforting glow after the lights are out. Or the Guardian Angel Tin Cover in full color, will be a lovely reminder of their watchful Angel. These are great anywhere in the house! Or in mom and dad's room too!

Our Lady of Fatima Light Switch Cover! $6.95!

FULL COLOR Guardian Angel Metal Switch Plate Cover! $6.95!


These beads are handmade and are the sturdiest you will find anywhere!! You won¹t break these! We¹ve seen outrageous prices up to $11.95 for these in places but we can¹t imagine why! We bring these to you at the best possible price because we want all your children to to learn about sacrifice! Specify BOY or GIRL..$3.95

Choose BOY or GIRL:


Kids just love these and they are so cute! Little folding cases come in three varieties. (1)Mysteries: has a metal plaque with all the mysteries in high relief. (2) Stations: has a silver colored metal plaque with all the stations. (3) Saints: contains 1 mini gold plated Saint. Each is 2.5 x 2" folded. Set of 3 for $9.95!!


This is produced by us, is a great way to keep kids busy on rainy days. Our daughter Kenna loves word games and we love her to spend her time finding Catholic words! These will impress your children and you! A great pastime for those long winter days ahead. $7.95 LFFA.  

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