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**Gifts Under $10** (for adults)
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MARYLIKE ATTIRE FOR CHURCH & SACRED PLACES A set of directives given to us describing just what is appropriate for Mass and Sacred Places. Imprimatur. A must! LFFA $1.00   

BULK 100/ $5.00

DAILY RULE OF LIFE a MUST for every age! As early as First Communion this can be given to inspire them to live every moment of the day for heaven! Wonderful Catholic wisdom from a time long past. Written by an Irish priest in the late 1800's. We are so thankful to have discovered this gem to share with you all! LFFA $2.00

THE MOST IMPORTANT PRAYER EVER! One of the most important prayers we could have made available! This prayer is the one prayer that can save your soul at the last moment if you are without a priest! Priceless! LFFA 2/$1.00

BULK 100/ $5.00

POCKET MASS MEDITATIONS will increase your knowledge of what the Mass truly is-A Sacrifice and retracing of the steps of the Passion! Old reprint...Missal size! LFFA 2/$1.00

BULK 100/ $5.00

NEW! CONSIDERATIONS ON OUR LAST END  A most sobering but edifying look at the fleetingness of this life and to what we are rushing towards - eternity. Nothing could be more important for our souls than to meditate always on our last end, towards which we draw closer each day. LFFA $1.00

BULK 50/ $5.00

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