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NEWS REPORT FROM HELL Another look at our last end, a more humorous one though. This particular one is perfect for young adults who might like something a little more lighter but still enough to jog them out of their invincible attitude that sometimes needs re-aligning. A good read for all of us really. LFFA $1.00

BULK 50/ $5.00

A SINGLE LIFE VOCATION our latest leaflet that was a wonderful look at the single life vocation, something very rarely considered today. This shows how teenagers (or any age really) may consider this as a very viable option if God is calling them to it. LFFA $1.00

BULK 50/$5.00


 A reprint that we put together last year as part of our 'Catholic Health Letter'. Timeless advice from a 16th century Jesuit that applies today just as well. These four sermons will educate many as to the sins of gluttony and just what they are. Truly Catholic teaching is so edifying and this is so much more than that! .. Paperbound. LFFA $4.95


Perfect gift for an an adult. By Adolph Tanquerey ....$3.00.

Under $10 items available all through our website! Many of our Little Flowers Family Press titles are all available at Under $10 and make great gifts!

SEE OUR STICKER SECTION: STICKERS GALORE for great Catholic stickers all under $10.00!!!

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