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Our Lord suffered indescribable sufferings for the sins of immodesty committed daily...and all He asks of us is our LOVE.



Act of Consecration to Our Lady of Purity

O, Immaculate Heart of Mary, Virgin Most Pure, mindful of the terrible moral dangers threatening on all sides, and aware of my own human weakness, I voluntarily place myself, body and soul, this day and always under your loving maternal care and protection. I consecrate to you my body, with all its members, asking you to help me never to use it as an occasion of sin to others. Help me to remember that my body is 'The Temple of The Holy Ghost', and to use it according to God's Holy Will, for my own personal salvation, and the salvation of others. I consecrate to you my soul, asking you to watch over it, and to bring me home safe to you and to Jesus in Heaven for all eternity. O Mary, my Mother, all that I am, all that I have, is yours. Keep me and guard me under your mantle of mercy as your personal property and possession.

Nihil Obstat: Rt Rev. Msgr. Leonard A. Bauer
Imprimatur: The Most Rev. Albert Zuroweste, Diocese of Belleville, Illinois, September 24, 1956 - Feast of Our Lady of Mercy



Launched in honor of the +Dedication of St. Michael the Archangel+ on September 29th, 2005.

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